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STATUS UPDATES – Below is a list of current mounts being worked on, as well as completed mounts.
These lists will be updated as frequently as possible.

If you do not see your animal on the list below,
please click here to submit an online status check!


**Disclaimer: turnaround times are always estimated and subject to seasonal demands and other factors; turnaround times will not begin until 50% deposit has been received, as stated in our contracts. 
We greatly apologize for any delays. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your continued support!


Current Work List

Estimated Completion: 2-4 weeks (as of 5/5/17)

Job# Initials Animal
1101 CP Mule Deer
1110 VD Rabbit
1159 MD Mule Deer
1165 MC Fox
1194 SP Mule Deer
1229 JH Antelope
1252 RW Elk
1259 RS Elk
1268 AK Bighorn
1269 MD Mule Deer
1271 AG Bighorn
1276 FM Bighorn
1279 SB Bighorn
1280 LL Mule Deer
1285 RP Elk
1288 SB Mule Deer
1289 BH Mule Deer
1299 TZ Mule Deer
1332 TB Antelope
1340 CH Mule Deer
1430 SH Coyote


Ready for Pickup!

Please call for balance and to arrange pickup!

Job# Initials Animal
667 DV Sheep
707 DG Mountain Lion
713 DG Mountain Lion
820 BS Javelina
848 DS Buffalo
849 DS Buffalo
869 JS Caribou
1037 DH Mule Deer
1057 JN Mule Deer
1123 TC Mule Deer
1145 RP Mule Deer
1178 RM Mule Deer
1188 JF Mule Deer
1191 JB Mule Deer
1205 RC Mule Deer
1212 AA Mule Deer
1220 IA Mule Deer
1224 MK Mule Deer
1247 MC Elk
1291 KB Mule Deer
1358 BO Mountain Lion
1363 GC Boar
1368 BM Boar
1373 RA Mountain Lion
1383 SO Mountain Lion
1689 FF Sheep
1693 FF Goat
1730 DT Mule Deer
1732 PA Mule Deer
1774 BC Mule Deer
1775 BC Javelina
1787 JE Mule Deer
2076 RB Mule Deer