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STATUS UPDATES – Below is a list of current mounts being worked on, as well as completed mounts.
These lists will be updated as frequently as possible.

***Please look at your paperwork for
estimated completion and your tag number.
If you believe your mount is past due,
click here to submit an online status check.

**Disclaimer: turnaround times are always estimated and subject to seasonal demands, third parties and other factors; turnaround times will not begin until 50% deposit has been received, as stated in our contracts. 
We greatly apologize for any delays. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your continued support!

Current Work List

May not include European skulls, soft tans, leathers or rugs.

Estimated Completion: 2-8 weeks (as of 9/22/17)

Job# Initials Animal
769 PF Mountain Lion
1427 IB Grey Fox
1441 RM Badger
1513 CP Serval Cat
1545 JJ Mule Deer
1623 KW Antelope
1625 SK Antelope
1637 CC Antelope
1644 OD Antelope
1645 ML Elk
1648 AF Mule Deer
1649 CW Antelope
1654 WW Antelope
1657 RM Antelope
1661 TK Mule Deer
1662 KT Antelope
1664 JD Mule Deer
1665 TF Mule Deer
1667 JA Antelope
1668 RP Antelope
1671 BS Mountain Lion
1687 JE Antelope
1699 SB Elk
2082 BE Boar


Ready for Pickup!

Please call for balance and to arrange pickup!

Job# Initials Animal
1284 RC Elk
1462 RO Elk
1480 AFH Tiger
1509 AFH Tiger
1530 JT Smallmouth Bass
1547 JRP Mule Deer
1558 BR Antelope
1583 CP Antelope
1596 RJ Antelope
1599 MK Antelope
1600 DP Antelope
1601 DD Mule Deer
1604 ZD Antelope
1616 DG Antelope
1617 DM Antelope
1618 JT Antelope
1619 JC Antelope
1626 KR Antelope
1628 GC Badger
1629 ML Antelope
1633 ND Skunk
1636 NT Antelope
1639/1640 JT Doves
1830 DD Elk
2057 CR Ram
2058 CR Boar
2088 MT Boar
2109 DG Ram
2132 DF Boar
2133 JW Boar
2134 JW Boar
2135 JW Boar
2136 JW Boar