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STATUS UPDATES – Below is a list of current mounts being worked on, as well as completed mounts.
These lists will be updated as frequently as possible.

The “Current Work List” does not include European skulls, soft tans, leathers or rugs.

If you do not see your animal on the list below,
please click here to submit an online status check

Refer to your paperwork for turnaround time estimates
before submitting a status check


**Disclaimer: turnaround times are always estimated and subject to seasonal demands, third parties and other factors; turnaround times will not begin until 50% deposit has been received, as stated in our contracts. 
We greatly apologize for any delays. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your continued support!

Current Work List

Does not include European skulls, soft tans, leathers or rugs.

Estimated Completion: 2-4 weeks (as of 7/31/17)

Job# Initials Animal
1401 EJ Red Stag
1405 EJ Tahr
1494 DK Boar
1511 RL Bear
1513 CP Serval Cat
1527 MS Largemouth Bass
1530 JT Smallmouth Bass
1542 ML Antelope
1543 MW Mule Deer
1546 JM Mule Deer
1554 LB Antelope
1560 JH Mule Deer
1562 BV Antelope
1563 GH Antelope
1614 JP Mule Deer
1762 BA Mule Deer
1804 WO Mule Deer
1829 DD Elk
1972 LM Mule Deer
1981 CC Elk



Ready for Pickup!

Please call for balance and to arrange pickup!

Job# Initials Animal
854 CD Dog
1123 TC Mule Deer
1268 AK Bighorn Sheep
1284 RC Elk
1319 RC Antelope
1321 JT Elk
1363 GC Boar
1373 RA Mountain Lion
1462 RO Elk
1533 SH Bobcat
1536 SC Antelope
1551 NR Mule Deer
1621 JM Mule Deer
1842 KK Mule Deer
1961 WS Mule Deer
1966 WM Mule Deer
1971 EK Elk